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Global Media Connections uses journalism fundamentals to empower existing and next-generation content creators passionate about pushing the boundaries of media and developing custom partnerships. We work with companies, industries, and universities to provide the knowledge needed to build strategies as media consumption changes. Your team will acquire the expertise that has taken us decades to master in the multimedia industry.
“Sonia’s multicultural background and creativity has given her a keen ability to bring diverse people together and connect the dots between ideas, people and disciplines.”
Ted Turner
Founder of CNN & Philanthropist

Elite Media & Leadership Services from the
World's Top Network Television & Digital Media Professionals


Sports Journalism
Delivery & Performance
Field Reporting

Digital & Mobile Journalism
Launching Networks & Programming
Content Creation
Building Innovative Newsrooms
Handling Breaking News
Delivery & Performance
Multiplatform Strategies

Investigative Reporting
Spanish Language Training
Visual Storytelling 
Field Production

Our services include objective analysis, virtual and on-site consultation, practical advice, ongoing support, and effective training delivered by a team of experienced professionals in broadcast and digital media. 

Executive Coaching

We provide customized coaching that transforms executives, staff, and groups into highly effective, resilient leaders in the media industry.

newsroom training

Newsroom Training

As news organizations shift from a traditional to a digital approach, we help you develop an agile newsroom with effective workflows incorporating various digital platforms.

Global Media Bootcamps

We bring our signature pool of experts to universities worldwide to provide training in visual storytelling and studio productions. As a result, students come away with a comprehensive understanding of the sports and media industry.

On-Air Talent Development

Our talent coaches train News Presenters and On-Air Talent on engagement and professional performance in front of the camera and at in-person events. As a result, they will communicate effectively and confidently and deliver authentic messages.

Podcasting & Digital Media

With hands-on technical training, journalists will turn data into effective, engaging stories and visualizations. We immerse you in best practices for writing, producing, and storytelling making your content stand out on the ever-evolving new media platforms.

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Professional Connections

We pitch organizations that are doing social good and are purpose driven to make an impact to media outlets both locally and national to help bring awareness to your cause.

“The program has not only permitted us to establish solid links with key professionals within state-of-the-art competency centers, but above all to set and share very high quality and ethical standards.”
Julien Pitton
Founder & Chairman of the Board - CNN Money, Switzerland

Sonia Tucker

Founder & CEO

Sonia Tucker is a global media strategist and former Chief of Protocol Affairs at CNN. She co-founded the CNN Academy, pioneered the CNN Bootcamps, and led the CNN Fellowship program, created by media mogul and philanthropist Ted Turner.

During her 25 years at CNN, she hosted over 1,200 fellows from over 400 media outlets and 136 countries.

Let's Connect


We offer both virtual and in-person sessions.

Our forward-thinking multiplatform training approach supports digital media campaigns. We are committed to working with your editorial teams to deliver the best-in-class.

Global Media Connections is committed to providing ongoing support. Our partners and affiliates are encouraged to upload video clips, links to content, and presentations for review.

Only the first session is complimentary.