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About Sonia Tucker

Frequently called “the bridge between continents,” Sonia Tucker has a proven track-record of successfully delivering exceptional client relations and training initiatives that support the effective delivery of the news.

As an innovative and transformative leader, Sonia Tucker believes that media no longer has boundaries, and that the connection between consumer and brand can be amplified through cultural trends, partnerships, emerging technology and media channels.

Industry Influencer & Innovator

  • Sonia Tucker has 25 years of experience providing media training to CNN’s global partners.
  • She has worked with over 1,200 international journalists from 136 countries and 401 media outlets worldwide.
  • Conceived & Co-founded CNN’s educational training hub.
  • Pioneered CNN’s university-focused bootcamps.
  • Managed the training for over 100 university students from Peru, Ecuador, Taiwan, Hong Kong, & Spain.

In 2022, Sonia launched Global Media Connections to carry forward her mission to increase the business and media skills of businesses and individuals worldwide and connect them with elite leaders in their profession.

Previously, Sonia was the driving force behind the successful creation of the CNN Fellowship in 1989. The program was Ted Turner’s way of giving back to CNN’s global partners by sharing journalism best practices and experiences.

Sonia successfully applied Ted Turner’s vision and evolved his legacy. She implemented leadership development training programs targeting executive level, mid-career, young journalists and university students on a global scale through her work with the CNN Academy and CNN Bootcamps.

In 2014, she expanded training options to include a Digital & Executive Fellowship. She established relationships with Netflix, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other tech companies, adding to her invaluable connections and influence with top media talent, government officials, dignitaries and c-suite executives leading television platforms worldwide.

It was through her time at CNN where she helped lead the training of international journalists for the network which created paths towards cultures understanding one another.

Ted Turner, featured most recently in Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Lifetime Achievement and 2022 Most Admired CEO, talks about the power of journalism and how Sonia Tucker is an instrumental part of his vision for the network and organizations worldwide.

"If you're working to help others or make the world better, you'll be a lot happier than if all you're doing is trying to make things better for yourself."

Ted Turner